What's Going On Here?

We are Rubyists living in Canberra, Australia, and we meet once every two months for all sorts of fun and hackery.

This is a website that can serve as a project to hack on whenever we run out of other more important things. You can contribute by forking it on github and sending a pull request if you want to see your changes go live:

git clone git://github.com/timriley/crcinatra.git

Mailing List

A Canberra specific Ruby and Rails mailing list is is available for local discussion:

elinks http://groups.google.com/group/canberra-ruby


We aim to have meetups on the third Tuesdays of every second month. According to the calendar that may well be 19 Aug 2014 (check for announcements in the mailing list).

Meetings are held at the Duxton (O'Connor), in the Garden Room (past the main bar, to the right... look for the tables and chairs and lots of people looking intelligent), and usually start at 7pm, but turn up earlier for a drink and something to eat.